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Past Activities at a Glance

Public programmes with Question and Answer session : Niche of Truth organizes regular public talks followed by open question & answer sessions for the proper presentation of Islam as well as removing misconceptions about Islam. More than 100 such talks have been conducted in the past. An average of 5000 to 20000 people participate in each programme which includes an average of 20 percent Non-muslims.

Debates with the Scholars of other Religions and Atheist leaders : Niche of Truth organizes regular debates with scholars of other religious faiths in order to propagate the truth and excellence of Islamic teachings and to prove that it is the only faith based on reason, logic and science. More than 20 such debates have been conducted in the past. An average of 10000-20000 people participate in each debate which includes an average 25 percent Non-muslims.

Free Islam Correspondence Course for Non-Muslims : Niche of Truth conducts a Correspondence Course for those who are interested in learning about the religion of truth. This course is only Non muslims and will help in providing a reasonable knowledge about Islamic teachings and principles. Duration of the course is one year. More than 1000 people are studying about islam on a comprehensive basis thru this course.

Books and Pamphlets, which introduces Islam Scientifically :Niche of Truth handles free distribution of pamphlets and books as part of its continued efforts to propagate the religion of truth. Many people became interested in knowling about Islam through out books and pamphlets. Niche’s publications are in Malayalam and English. Many of our publications had been translated into many other languages like Tamil, Telugu and Kannada by the Da’wah organizations in those areas. More than ten thousand of such free literatures have been distributed in the previous years.

Books and Cassettes, which give responses to the criticisms against Islam : As the Islamic Da’wah works are getting more and more active and strong the attempts by our enemies to malign islam by mistrepreting Qur’anic verses and Prophet’s actions are now at an increase more than ever. Niche of Truth publishes of books and cassettes which give responses to their criticisms.

Creative media only for Islamic Da’wah : At present creative media does the production and distribution of audio & video cassettes and CD’s of Niche programmes. We have our own system for recording and production of our programmes in a professional manner. Attempts to produce documentaries to present Islam in the proper way are also under progress. The video documentary “IS evolution a fact, or a fiction?” which unveils the conspiracles of the evolution deceit was hailed by the intellectural community.

Snehasamvadam, the monthly magazine, which deals Da’wah related topics only : The need for a publication solely for Da’wah related topics was felt as need of the time since Atheists as well as the propagators of other religious faiths stay united in maligning Islam through all possible medias. Snehasamvadam monthly was the result of our efforts in this field. Snehasamvadam tells the truth openly as this was the tradition of our beloved prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him). Snehasamwadam gives timely responses to criticisms against islam as well as enlightening the muslim youth on how to do effective Da’wah works.

Reference Library for Da’ees : To facilitate better learning and to do research on Islam and comparative religion Niche has a difference library at its head office in Cochin.


Mobile Da’wah unit to spread the message of Islam in the rural areas: Niche has a mobile unit intends to spread the message of Islam in each and every nook and corner of the country. It consists of a van, a video projector, a sound system and a Generator. The unit exhibits video films on Islam, distribute Pamphlets, books and cassettes on Islam. This unit conducts programmes in at least three areas on a daily basis, thus able to spread the true message of Islam to ordinary people who does not get an opportunity to participate in our public programmes. Through our mobile unit the Da’wah activities in Kerala has reached such a stage that there is no day or area without Niche’s Da’wah programs.

Niche of Truth Centres : The head office of Niche of Truth is at Cochin. To make our Da’wah activities more convenient and to ensure participation to general public from different walks of life and areas (???) we have opened our centres in Calicut, Trivandrum, Thirur, and Perinthalmanna. These centres have facilities for the public to view and listen the cassettes of our programmes’s and has reading area for the reading of books and other reference materials in the field of Da’wah and discuss relating to islam.

Internet Site, which gives a true picture of Islam and provides Responses to the Criticisms against Islam. : Our website www.nicheoftruth.org was launched as an earnest attempt to use almost all the modern communication tools for Islamic Da’wah.

Free distribution of Qur’an translations : As part of our continued efforts to spread the true message of Islam we are distributing the Qur’an translations to muslims at the cost price and to interested Non muslims as complimentary copies. Almost 10000 Qur’an translations have been distributed last year.

Video Library having Cassettes of world renowned Scholars : Niche of Turth has a good collection of video cassettes available at all its centres which introduced Islam in different languages.

Da’wah Training Course : To enlighten Muslims about the obligatory duty of Islamic propagation and to train them on how to do Da’wah works, Niche of Truth conducts regular Da’wah training courses. We are conducting this course during the vacation times. In the nighttime there will be classes and lectures about the fundamental principles for doing Islamic Da’wah and in the daytime they do door to door squad works to convey the message of Islam to all residences. Thru these squads our workers were able to reach the message of the true religion to more than 4000 residences. Motivated by this, our workers are organizing regular squads in their areas.

Da’wah Training Workshops : These workshops are conducted for selective persons from the participants of Da’wah training courses to bring them up to become effective Da’ees and good islamic orators.

Rehabilitation Activites : Alhamdulillah the number of reversions to Islams are at an increase for the recent years. Niche is doing whatever possible and within the limit of our available resources to protect and rehabilitate those who become homeless after accepting the religion of truth. We do as much as we can to absorb them to our community and let them live normal life as Muslims. An intensive course on all aspects of the religions is provided for six months to teach them the essence of tawheed and complete Islamic way of live.


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